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Incarnations of Isis

The Whore of Babylon or Babylon the Great is a female figure and also place of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Her full title is given as "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth."

Should we be surprised that we see symbolic representations of this entity amongst some of the most influential women in the entertainment industry?

Whilst the term Isis in modern times conjures up images of Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq we should not forget that there is another Isis that needs to be addressed. One who goes back to the time of Egypt whose influence is preparing the way for the arrival of her future physical incarnation.

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The Coming Convergence: A fantastic new video documentary has been launched called The Coming Convergence and is already blowing up social networking sites and Christian based discussion forums. We are an official partner of Ingenuity Films who produced this great documentary and have more copies of this documentary in-house. See the trailer above.


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The ‘Great American Eclipse’ is the much anticipated eclipse which is likely to be the most watched, most photographed and most televised astronomical event of a generation. Some believe this is a sign but why?
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Superstitious villagers have been living in fear since a sheep gave birth to a creature that was said by elders to be half-human half-beast and 'sent by the devil'. Pictures have been verified by Veterinary Services.
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When Jesus Christ came the first time he did not come to confront the Roman empire. However when he arrives on the world scene for the second time will his coming lead to a confrontation with an army from Europe?
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