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The newest batch of John Podesta emails from WikiLeaks shows President Barack Obama's transition team kept lists of Muslim and Asian candidates for administration jobs.

The 2008 emails show Podesta was sent lists of Muslims and Asians to be considered for White House jobs, with Arab Christians excluded or relegated to a separate list.

In the email exchange, an aide wrote,

"In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian)."

Also notable, there was concern that some of the Muslims suggested would not survive media scrutiny, with one aide writing,

"High-profile Muslim Americans tend to be the subject of a fair amount of blogger criticism, and so the individuals on this list would need to be ESPECIALLY carefully vetted."

The aide added,

"I suspect some of the people I list would not survive such a vet—but I do personally know, at least in part, virtually all of the candidates in the 1st two categories (but I know very few of those listed for outside boards/commissions)."

Such a disclosure should not be surprising considering what many critics have been saying about Obama and his relationship with Islam compared to his relationship with Christianity.

For instance earlier in 2016 Obama visited the Baltimore mosque which has had historical ties to radical Islamic groups. The Islamic Society of Baltimore had an imam who was a leading figure in the extremist Muslim Brotherhood. The organization also is connected to the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim civil rights group named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2008 criminal prosecution in which several individuals were convicted of funneling money to the terrorist group Hamas.

The president’s choice of the first U.S. mosque to visit is “insulting” to American Muslims, said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim who is vice chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

“It’s disgraceful that this is the mosque he’s picked to be the first to visit,” Dr. Jasser said on “Fox & Friends”. “This mosque is very concerning. … Historically, they are basically a radical, extreme mosque and not representative of the modern Muslims in America.”

Hillary Clinton, seen as largely responsible for the current refugee crisis in the Middle East, has blasted Republicans for not wanting to accept unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks. Her liberal stance has also led to her telling women in a World Summit that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” to allow for abortion. And in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s egregious same-sex marriage decision in June, Hillary explicitly called for the government to force churches to sanction homosexuality, explaining,

“Our work won’t be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice.” Pray – as in attend church “free from discrimination and prejudice.”

But she’s sure hot and bothered about what she terms discrimination against Muslim refugees. This isn’t particularly surprising – the entire left has a peculiar soft spot for Islam. That seems weird, given Islamic countries’ fundamental rejection of leftist values ranging from same-sex marriage to abortion to women driving.

The Obama State Department won’t recognize Christians as victims of incipient Muslim genocide in the Middle East, but President Obama will equate ISIS violence in 2015 with the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. President Obama believes, like many on the left, that Western civilization was founded in racism, sexism, homophobia, and other bigotry – and that Christianity, as its wellspring, provided that impetus.

Furthermore, Obama believes that Western civilization has exploited the rest of the world, and that it therefore bears culpability for the poverty that gave rise to the Islamic wave. Muslims are benighted victims of poverty; Christianity made them victims of poverty in the first place. Christianity thus bears blood guilt for the sins of Islam, but Islam bears none of its own. As Dinesh D’Souza puts it, Obama is an anti-colonialist and believes “that the rich countries got rich by looting the poor countries, and that within the rich countries, plutocratic and corporate elites continue to exploit ordinary citizens.” Taken one step further, those rich countries – Christian countries – exploited non-Christian countries, impoverishing them and opening them to the opium of Islam.

How else to explain the left’s romance with Islam and simultaneous dismissal of Christianity? How else to explain the left’s preoccupation with allowing Muslim refugees into the Christianity-founded West while demanding nothing of Islamic countries which are murdering Christians en masse?

Hillary Clinton says it’s hateful for Western countries to discriminate in choosing refugees based on religious philosophy. It’s far more hateful to suggest that Christianity must bow and scrape before Islam, particularly when Islamic terrorists target non-Muslims the world over.

For more on this subject matter regarding Obama, Islam and his legacy see http://www.antichrist-identity.com

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