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2 monumental events were not supposed to happen. The United Kingdom was never expected to vote to leave the European Union. Several days before the vote, a vibrant and popular politician supporting the remain campaign was murdered in cold blood but the will of the British people still voted leave.

5 months later, the controversial Donald Trump completed an unbelievable against the odds victory to claim the presidency of the United States despite a number of incidents that in any other political race would have been political death.

Is their a prophetic parallel emerging that maybe you hadn't considered? Did Ezekiel see this coming?

Donald Trump is an enigma. Some argue like Jack Van Impe, John Hagee and Don Swaggart that he is a man of God sent to bring America back to its Christian heritage even if he himself doesn't necessarily practice Christianity. His support for Christianity being more influential in the Supreme Court and House of Representatives, his stance against abortion, support for Israel and a view of militant radical Islam as an attack on the ideals of Western life would be enough to get him onto the podium of most Baptist or Evangelical churches

Yet others argue about his morality and view of women, his brash depiction and view on specific ethnic minorities, a purported unwillingness to denounce the Klu Klax Klan and a willingness to rewrite American foreign policy by possibly seeking friendship with Russia.

However there is another perspective that needs mentioning. Is there any significance to the fact that both the United Kingdom and the United States made political decisions which somehow could rope mother (Britain) and daughter (America) back together in a much closer relationship then previous decades.

Since the 1970s and the entry of the United Kingdom into the European Common Market the Anglo American alliance which was the bedrock of World War I and World War II, and which helped to facilitate the birth of Israel as a nation, had come under increasing changes as the tentacles of the European Union suffocated the ability for the UK to pursue its own historic trading relationship with the United States if you are a child of God you can protect yourself from the deceptions that will wreak havoc on this world over the coming years.

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