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Did you know that we are now in our 7th year of ministry. Yes starting in October 2011 we have been motoring on all the way into 2019.

During this time we have released over 200 reports covering everything that would be associated with the study of the end times and the new world order global conspiracy. Whether its Agenda 2030, the unification of world religions, the destruction of the offshore privacy concept, the future of Syria and its connection to the King of the North in Daniel 11, the changing UFO phenomenon or whether the North American Union objective is now dead under a Trump presidency...we have covered it all.

When we started back in 2011 with our first edition I remember the elation our team felt when we got to edition 100. However we didn't have any idea that we would reach the stage where we would have issued 200 global watch weekly reports. And this is what we accomplished with our 100th edition called "Lord of the Rings".

If you are a member who really likes the material we put out and wished you could have access to everything, past, present and future without any further individual costs for each product then see  below  examples of what you get access to.

Remember unlimited access means you have access to everything we have ever produced in the past. In addition you will also see new disclosures added every week which again you get access to for free. No additional costs.

Thanks to you and your team for an amazing option. The idea of paying just one time and having access to everything will help me. I run several workshops throughout the year on health and nutrition and the information you provide on alternative therapies and natural healing has been a great help for me in my presentations.

A great offering but you guys are literally giving your hard earned research away. Sure you wont regret this in the future? Not that I am complaining.

I have been a member that has been with you from back in 2010 when it was Kerry handling my requests. I have probably purchased over 12 of your products and have gladly sowed into your ministry. But thanks for this new offer which I will take up.

Dear Rema, Your work is outstanding. I don't necessarily agree with all your conclusions but your direct approach shakes up and causes me to reassess my own convictions. I head a Christian education ministry in Malaysia and getting your materials has helped to provide some great input for our monthly Christian school debates.

Love this option. This appeals to me because I get so much value for sowing into the ministry of your researchers. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks for your confirmation email. I just wanted to clarify did you say that now as a lifetime member I can contribute to your publications in terms of content and subject? Let me get started on my list. Look forward to the receipt of my disks and then freebies.

Your No-Risk 60 Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

"You have a full 60 days to review the disclosures. So work your way through these disclosures, make notes as you go along and see the frightening evidence of how the new world order is being implemented.

Send us any questions or recommendations by email. And if after 60 days you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, you'll get a prompt and courteous refund of every dollar.. No questions asked....you simply can't lose..."


[We use the Paypal platform  to process your order. Paypal are the largest processor of online payments. By using Paypal we never get to see your account details - and Paypal utilizes the strongest security and anti-fraud features available on the Internet]

Please note you will be directed to Paypals secure server

On successful purchase you will receive an email with your PayPal receipt number

Please note payments through Paypal are processed in USD

Once you make purchase we will send you a membership confirmation email same day (please allow several hours to get the email confirmation from us) and you will get access same day to all the material we have produced so far.

When we launch new products we will notify you in advance so that when they go live you can get access to them without having to pay for them as you presently do.

Remember if after 60 days you feel that this is not really for you then we will provide a refund with no questions asked. Its a great win situation for you.

Warm Regards

Project Manager

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