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The Global Watch family is committed to providing disclosure on political, social, economic and technological events which are leading the world into a biblically prophesied Orwellian nightmare. Our flagship product is an online magazine, which goes out to thousands of members world-wide. There have been over 250+ GWW editions issued all justifying the Bible as an inspired authority on mapping out proof of a coming one world government agenda, which will ultimately be overthrown through the establishment of God's messianic kingdom.

The ultimate aim of the Global Watch Weekly is to show that despite some scathing attacks over the last few decades on the authenticity of the Christian faith, that the Bible still stands as a dominant inspired book which makes incredible and pinpoint prophecies about the end times which are being accurately fulfilled in our life time.

Although we are in for a rough ride ahead there is hope. The Bible affirms that the esoteric and occultic orders which control our world will be eventually crushed and overthrown by the second coming of Yehsua who will establish his millennial kingdom on this earth.

One of the most common questions we face every week is what type of Christian denomination do we belong to. The answer is that we are non denominational. That means we have a team composed of writers, researchers and support from across the wide spectrum of the Christian faith all believing in the the the gospel message of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and that his virgin birth, life and ministry, death on the cross, bodily resurrection and future second coming was all part of a divine plan to redeem mankind from the curse of sin. We also believe that Yeshua was God incarnate.

Our emphasis on the name Yeshua is purely to contextualize the jewishness of Jesus Christ and his Jewish roots although whether one calls him Yeshua or Jesus makes no difference as it is the same person being addressed under a different language translation.

We are thus a Christian based organization with a vision of spreading the gospel and truth of the Bible through the lens of current events and bible prophecy. We don't believe that the new world order will be overthrown by a  "truth movement" revolution or by the Christian church because Revelation 19 tells us that the new world order will be overthrown by Jesus Christ himself.

However this does not excuse us from ensuring that the masses are warned about the developments of the one world government so that they can make better choices about both their physical and spiritual well being. It is only through Yeshua that one can have eternal life and the Bible is the framework by which our prophetical views are founded.

The Global Watch Weekly launched in October 2011 is actually a child descendant of a monthly report we previously issued between 2009 and 2012 called the Vision Report Watch.

However it soon became clear that the development of the one world government agenda was happening so fast that we needed a more frequent report to help address all of the various aspects of its formation and this led to the publication of the Global Watch Weekly.

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