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Today, fronted by the powerful family banking dynasties of Europe, the Black Nobility exercise supremacy over the world’s governments, as well as their economies, and even their cultures. Ultimately, they are an international network, existing in a parallel world, straddled between fronts of legitimacy, and activities on the black market and in the underground. Their method of conquest is to wholly demoralize the societies of the world, wrecking their very fabric, by promoting every vice, including sexual depravity, greed and war.

By enslaving the nations of the world through colossal debt, they ensure subservience, and guarantee the slow transfer of their sovereignty to global government. By encouraging stock market speculation, they siphon off the wealth of the ignorant masses. In the end, by creating a global economic cataclysm of untold magnitude, they intend to demonstrate to humanity their own ineptitude, and offer their reign as salvation, by implementing a global fascist state, to be governed by their expected messiah. One of the most profound characteristics of the black nobility is their ongoing need to remove any individual that represents a threat to their interests. History is littered with example after example of men and women who were murdered in cold blood as a result of making one step too far.

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