Coronavirus - Prophetic Meaning Lesson

We have acquired a lot of new members over the last 2 months as a response to more and more people using their time in lockdown to search the internet for alternative meanings to what the mainstream media is telling them about this global pandemic.

In appreciation of the Coronavirus Prophetic series which we have provided over the last  several months (Coronavirus Prophecy, Coronavirus Lockdown, Coronavirus Endgame and Coronavirus Vaccine - Playground of the Beast) please see below a really good overview below. Some like him, some loathe him, we may not always agree with him, but Robert Breaker's teaching lesson on the Coronavirus pandemic is a very good representation of the understanding we have about what is to come.

Please note due to demand, we will be releasing the previous editions of the Coronavirus Prophetic series one more time, starting from tomorrow, to give everyone the opportunity to get access to the ones they may have missed.


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