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Legal Notices

No warranty
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Change to terms and conditions and website content
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Images and Specifications
All images: photo's, drawings, etc. and (technical) specifications: e.g. data concerning weight, measurement, color etc. as mentioned on http://www.globalwatchweekly.com are approximates. They are indicative and shall not be considered reason for any compensation or cancellation. We cannot accept responsibility for slight differences in color or texture variations of materials.

All prices mentioned on the website are in US Dollars only.

Payment Processing
Please note we use Paypal for authorized and secure processing of all credit card, debit card and bank transactions.

Please note we may not be able to accept orders, or part of an order, due to one of the following reasons:

  Authorization of your payment failed
  Full payment was not received
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If there are any problems with an order, you'll be contacted by us.

Rema Marketing provides a 60 day guarantee for a full refund without any questions asked should the report not meet a customers requirements.

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