The covid-19 pandemic is seemingly fading away as most countries are now in various stages of moving out of lockdown. Each day the reported number of deaths is on the decline and each day more and more market sectors are being opened up as life begins a return to some sense of normality.

We now have various types of non essential, retail institutions, opening up with plans for what are perceived to be "risky" social places such as bars, restaurants and gyms, also due to be back in action within the next 30-45 days.

And all the time we are being told that there is a significant risk of a second wave of infection and so there is a need for social distancing to be continued and for people to prioritize the wearing of face masks when out in public spaces.

If you are someone who not only has the capacity to think, but someone who also is willing to question and analyse, then it is likely that this project is going to really address some of the questions you may have and some of the observations you may have made in recent times. We certainly cannot believe some of the anomalies that have been glossed and passed over by the mainstream media. 

COVID-19: A Virus That is Impacted By Geography!

The covid-19 virus ended up being a global pandemic in which it started off in Wuhan, China, then migrated into surrounding regions of Asia, intensifying its destructive path into Europe before crossing the Atlantic Ocean and invading North and South America, wreaking significant damage with over 8 million cases and 450,000 deaths world wide.

Yet astonishingly, when the Virus left Wuhan to begin its infectious path into other countries, the virus forgot that there were other much larger cities in China. Cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen, Chongqing and Tianjin, the 6 largest cities in China (by population) which were seemingly spared with minimal cases.

How is it possible that a virus could end up reaching New York over 12,000 km away and unleashing over 385,000 confirmed cases and over 24,500 deaths, yet both Shanghai which is 835km away from Wuhan, and Beijing which is 1,159km away from Wuhan barely reached over 700 confirmed cases each?

It is important to note that unlike some websites which have tried to use fake news to address these anomalies, we are not saying there were no cases in Shanghai and Beijing. We are saying how could the cases in Shanghai and Beijing be so massively low compared to New York when the population of Shanghai and Beijing is around 24 million and the population of New York has a population of close to 20 million?

Vaccine Development - No Longer Has to Take Many Years

It is common knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry that it normally takes 10-15 years before a vaccine can be brought onto the market. When Bill Gates and and the World Health Organization started talking about the need for a covid-19 vaccine we were then told that it would be possible for the vaccine to be ready within 12-18 months. How is that possible when the the vaccine development process is like the process of pregnancy? It doesn't matter how much money you throw at providing fantastic care and science for pregnant mothers, the gestation period is always in most cases going to be around 9 months.

But then in a remarkable twist, news broke out in April 2020 regarding the University of Oxford, the most trusted and reputable academic institution in the world, an institution that one would not dare to question. Their medical research team working in conjunction with Astra Zeneca (one of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies) claimed they would be able to shorten the timelines further and have a vaccine ready for mass production by the Autumn of 2020!

There are many more examples we could refer to of the totally bizarre. Here is another one.

A Complete Censorship Blackout of The Following People

Judy Mikovits, David Icke, Brian Rose, Ty Bollinger, Dr Shiva, Dr Buttar and Del Bigtree have all felt the full force of a significant move to suppress alternative ideas about the covid-19 pandemic. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have made unprecedented and dramatic moves to step up the war against what they believe to be baseless conspiracy theories.

Now don't misunderstand us. We are not saying that every conspiracy theory is correct. There have been a significant number of baseless theories shared around as everybody with a phone camera has now become an expert on the end times. However, it is clear that unless you agree with the narrative of the World Health Organization that you are an enemy of the state, and as such, whatever opinion you have does not deserve to have visibility to millions of people worldwide. Is this what freedom of speech has come to with these social media platforms? That they now decide the narrative?

Several days ago I spoke to my barber. It's been nearly 3 months since I have been to the barber and just like many men out there the hair on my face has reached unacceptable levels not seen for years. My barber contacted me to let me know that apparently within the next 45-60 days, barber shops and hair dressing salons would be approved by the government to open up again. As I expressed my delight he then said he had been advised to update me on changes that all customers of his needed to be aware of.

He told me that the local council for the area where his barber shop was located has issued guidelines that the barber shops have to adhere to in order to meet the requirements for opening back up. This involved having PPE equipment and sterilization equipment for his tools and acknowledging that the barber shop could no longer have swarms of people sitting in the shop waiting for their haircut as obviously this would violate social distancing. Instead, the process would have to be an appointment only system where a customer could only be in the shop when their appointment was due.

But listen to the other compulsory requirement.

The barber shops are now compelled when taking bookings not only to take the name of the person, but also their phone number and their address. The barber shop needed to keep these records in electronic format and these electronic files would need to be sent to the local council on a periodic base where they would be able to perform checks to assess the quality of the data. The argument being used is that if the barber shop is identified as the source of a covid-19 breakout then they would be able to control the spread by enforcing quarantine on those who had contact with the barber shop during a particular period of time.

The council also affirmed that if it came to light that a lot of false or incorrect phone numbers or false addresses were being provided, then the local council would have the power to enforce penalties and fines against the barber shop, and if required, trigger a cease and desist order against the barber shop remaining open.

Despite the governments emphasis on social distancing the last several weeks has witnessed the start of a global revolution in which social distancing went completely out the window.

On 25th May 2020, a horrific and barbarian act took place when George Perry Floyd Jr, an African American man was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Protests in response to his death, and more broadly to police violence against black people, quickly spread across the United States.

The torturous process by which he died in broad daylight and the fact that the police officers involved would have been aware that their actions would be caught using mobile phone cameras by on looking citizens is astonishing. Astonishing that the police officers had no fear of social media, feeling they were fully justified in operating like a bunch of vigilantes.

Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis Police Department officer, knelt on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes as three other officers looked on despite George saying "I cant breathe". It then emerged in the last and chilling throes of his existence on this earth, that he called out to his mum who had already died years before. This alone created an overwhelming feeling of compassion for a man who recognized that his life was up.

This was an appalling act. Period. No justification whatsoever. He was already handcuffed, he had no weapon and there was no pretext for the police believing their life was in danger. It was simple butchery and justice will be served. We now wonder whether Derek Chauvin will ever survive prison although it is likely for his safety he will be placed away from inmates and certain death.

Once videos of the incident began to spread like wildfire on social media, and once people managed to digest exactly what had happened in 21st century America, then all rules about social distancing simply fell out the window.

The unrest began as local protests in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota before quickly spreading across the entire nation and in over 60 countries internationally. Over 2,000 cities and towns in the United States and around the world saw protests and demonstrations. While the majority of protests have been peaceful, demonstrations in some cities descended into riots and widespread looting, with more being marked by street skirmishes and significant police brutality, notably against peaceful protesters and reporters.

Outside of the United States there were massive demonstrations across the whole of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Poland, Holland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

Millions of people worldwide crammed together in solidarity and whilst there were many people wearing face masks what was also observable was that there was a significant number of people who were not wearing face masks. One could also see that many of the police forces were not wearing face mask either yet having direct face to face confrontations with people.

You would have thought a global revolution like this would have triggered a new rise in the number of covid-19 cases world wide. Yet somehow the covid-19 cases in most countries continues it's path of significant decline to virtually no new deaths being reported. Don't you find that strange?

Until the death of George Floyd, it is likely that nearly all of you had not heard of "Black Lives Matter". However during the riots and protests across different countries, it would be hard not to notice the thousands of banners and Vigils with the words "Black Lives Matter". Millions of people across the world are now saying they are standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the struggle against racial inequality, racial injustice and police brutality.

Even primary and kindergarten schools are introducing the concept of the Black Lives Matter movement to young children as this particular phrase has become the mantra of this global revolutionary movement.

But who is behind the Black Lives Matter Movement? Did you know that many people simply have no idea?

The Black Lives Matter movement actually started back in July 2013, as a social movement dedicated to non violent civil disobedience, in protest to police brutality, after after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting to death of African-American teenager named Trayvon Martin, in February 2012.

Its founders are Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi pictured below. These three women are the brains behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the death of George Floyd, their movement has received  over 6.5 million dollars worth of donations from people across the world. The movement also has significant backing from a number of philanthropists. And recently a controversy has spread on social media that the majority of their donations are actually being channelled not to the black community, but to the democratic party through a democratic, fundraising, payments collection, organization called ActBue.

However, the nature of the Black Lives Matter movement is interesting because one of the observations we made in watching many of these Black Lives Matter protests across the world was the significant number of "rainbow" flags and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) banners being held aloft.

There is nothing wrong with the image of the rainbow in itself, but in today's modern climate we are all too aware of how the LGBT movement has seized upon a biblical symbol found in Genesis 9:14 and used it for their own political objectives. Now when we see the rainbow in media the first thought that comes to mind is LGBT.

When we then investigated the Black Lives Matter movement further we were astonished to find that the same three founders who you just saw in that picture further above were all lesbians. A careful examination of their charter and objectives revealed some shocking disclosures. Read very carefully the following statements made on their website.

Amongst their cleverly worded attack on the traditional family unit do I need to actually point out to you that the word "father" is intentionally missing from the first paragraph?

The Typical Response

When we made contact with a number of civil rights activists about this, amazingly, the majority of them were unaware of who was behind the Black Lives Matter movement, let alone that the LGBT agenda was a significant component of the movements charter.

However, we were also met with the response that it "doesn't matter that the founders are lesbians because what ultimately matters is that the movement has helped to raise the focus on police brutality and social injustice within the black community."

The question of gender should not even come into it we were told, because the struggles of the LGBT movement and Black people are interwoven in that they are individual groups that have been marginalized for far too long and so it's only logical that they join forces together and fight for a common cause!

Truth seekers, the rabbit hole only gets much deeper.

Most people will know who George Soros is, but if you don't, or need reminding, let me show you the power of this man as history testifies to the fact he had the power to almost trigger the complete bankruptcy of a supposed modern day western economic power. A country you would never believe. The United Kingdom.

I personally still remember where I was on Wednesday September 16th, 1992. It's probably similar to you knowing exactly where you were and what you were doing on the day of September 11th, 2001. Wednesday September 16th, 1992, is the day when the United Kingdom (UK) crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), a monetary system primarily designed to herd all EU member nations at the time towards a single currency.

Britain had been trying to keep up with other countries in the ERM by setting unrealistic, unsustainable goals for their currency (£) in order to keep up with the demands of competing with Germany within the ERM as the dominant economic power. These policies resulted in very high inflation with extremely low interest rates - both terribly bad for encouraging growth and investment.

Due to the potential instability of these factors, the Central Bank of England increased interest rates into the teens to attract more investors. However investors such as George Soros smelt blood and began to heavily sell the Pound knowing that if they kept doing this long enough the situation would become unsustainable for the British government. This led to a dramatic fall in the value of the Pound which was so quick and severe that it sent the UK crashing out of the ERM.

The aftermath led to the UK being catapulted into a recession with the government losing billions and Soros walking away with over $1 billion dollars of profit and his actions immortalized as the trade of the century.

When revelations began to surface a few weeks ago that George Soros was behind the Black Lives Matter movement it wasn't really a surprise when it is publically known that Soros is a massive supporter of groups that protect gay and lesbian rights. At this moment in time we have not seen enough evidence to directly connect Soros to the Black Lives Matter movement, but it wouldn't be surprising if in the future he did, given the wind now already in the sails of the Black Lives Matter movement as a global voice for political injustice.

Furthermore, Soros is a strong advocate of the progressive Left and so any movement which could be used to help align the black vote with the democratic party against Donald Trump would be a natural avenue for him to support as the US presidential elections draw near.

An example Soros connection to the LGBT cause was his appointment of Adrian Coman to represent one of his main foundations for a number of years. In 2013 Adrian Coman (seen below with his partner), a veteran of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (a driver of transgender ideology that has begun initiatives to normalize transgender children), was then named director of the international human rights program at the Arcus Foundation, to drive gender identity ideology globally.

Previously, Coman served as program director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. And in 2015, Arcus worked closely with and funded NoVo Foundation programs for transgenderism. NoVo was founded by Peter Buffett, son of billionaire Warren Buffett.

These programs and initiatives advance gender identity ideology by supporting various faith organizations, sports and cultural associations, police department training and educational programs in grade schools, high schools, and universities and medical institutions—including the American Psychological Foundation (APF). Arcus funds help APF (the leading psychology organization in the United States) develop guidelines for establishing trans-affirmative psychological practices. Psychologists are “encouraged” by those monies to modify their understanding of gender, broadening the range of biological reality to include abstract, medical identities.

Concurrently, Arcus drives gender identity ideology and transgenderism in the marketplace by encouraging businesses to invest in LGBT causes. As the example of the Arcus Foundation shows, the LGBT and civil rights movement  has morphed into a relentless behemoth, one that has strong ties to the medical industrial complex and global corporatists. The pharmaceutical lobby is the largest lobbying entity in Congress. Although activists present the LGBT movement as a weak, powerless group suffering oppression and discrimination, in truth it wields enormous power and influence—power it increasingly uses to remake our laws, schools, and society.

Does all this really matter? There used to be a time where if a Christian was asked this question the answer back would be unanimously, "yes, it does matter". However we are living in an age where mainstream Christianity has succumbed to the will of the liberal media and political correctness.

There are many many Christians whose decision making right now is a consequence of not wanting to side with Donald Trump or the republican party. We certainly understand that sometimes Trumps inflammatory remarks makes it very uncomfortable for those Christians who still stand by him and we have seen reports that some of the Christian conservatives in the government are simply seeing him as a marriage of convenience, where they know the marriage has a shelf-life. Unlike other countries the maximum time Trump can serve is another 4 years. Many republicans are keeping their eyes beyond 2024 as as their safety zone.

We are not here to advocate who to vote for, but we have seen a trend emerging amongst the Christian community that if the republican party are known as the party which are hostile to the LGBT agenda, then there is a pervading belief that it does not matter that the Black Lives Matter movement has the LGBT agenda at the core of its manifesto because they are speaking out against the sin of political injustice. It is almost as if the reluctance to agree with anything associated with Donald Trump puts some Christians in the default position of being sympathetic to the LGBT cause.

Some Christians we have spoken to have even gone as far as to ask "why is the LGBT agenda being singled out when there are other sins affecting society such as social injustice, adultery and partners co-habiting outside of marriage." The argument used is that sin is sin and there are no big sins and small sins as far as God is concerned.

But why do we believe that it does matter?

The world we live in is made up of communities which are arranged into what we know as cities, towns and villages based on the density of the population and the available infrastructure to support the communities. Within each city, town and village are roads, avenues, street and lanes which help divide populations into smaller areas known as zip codes and postal codes.

Within each zip and postal code are houses made up of families. Gods original prescription for the human race was that families were defined by the structure of a father, a mother and their children. Once we as believers become tolerant of an agenda to alter the deepest core of our society, then we are complicit in supporting the altering of the very fundamental fabric of our society.

Satan: The Chess Grandmaster

For those that are familiar with the game of chess you will be aware that there are many different strategies and approaches to winning. As one's level of expertise begins to increase so does the ability to initiate moves and strategies which are more concealed and not as obvious to the opponent.

Before the death of George Floyd what are the chances that the death of an African American man would trigger a global revolution under the banner of the Black Lives Movement, a social activism movement headed by 3 lesbians, and a movement that is likely in the future to have a connection to a billionaire who has a very specific affinity for championing and supporting organizations committed to advancing the LGBT agenda?

A global revolution which perceptionally is a fight for the black community, where the vast majority of those on the streets chanting black lives matter have not even researched the origins, founders and manifesto of the movement that they are supporting.

In chess there is a strategy called a strategic sacrifice. You sacrifice a piece to act as a decoy for a much more powerful thrust. The opponent if they are not discerning will be caught up with the decoy not realizing that this will precipitate a greater strategic advantage for the enemy in which the true ultimate agenda is to be revealed.

So what are we saying?

We are seeing that the credible struggle of black people for justice and equality has been overshadowed by something more ominous. The struggle of black people for justice in this recent uprising is actually being used as a decoy, a strategic chess move, designed to open up the path for something much more powerful in terms of its  objective. That is, the global manifestation of the LGBT agenda where it completely swamps all aspects of our society from our educational system, political arena and even religious institutions. Unfortunately, it is the credible fight for political injustice which is the sacrificial piece being used to divert the unsuspecting.

You cannot have a proper discussion about this social conflict without understanding there is a spiritual root behind the rise of this global revolution. It has always been the devils plan to advance the world to his ultimate objective of an utterly God rejecting society which has succumbed to a degradation so bad that if it was utterly possible, that God would repent of the fact that he ever made humankind and simply destroy the earth right now.

The devil has no care of what casualties of war or what strong moral convictions are in his way. He will use whatever means, whatever decoys, whatever righteous causes, whatever deceptions and whatever revolutions to advance his ultimate objective; checkmate of mankind.

You see the devil knows his time his short. So his aim is no longer about overthrowing God. He has attempted this numerous times in the past and failed each time. One was the initial rebellion in heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15), then there was an attempt during the days of Noah to use fallen angels as a means to corrupt the human race (Genesis 6:2) and then we saw at the time of Christ birth the attempt by Herod to try and find the boy child so he could kill him (Matthew 2:1-12) and then we saw the crucifixion of Christ as another thwarted attempt to derail the sovereign plan of God for the ages (Matthew 27:45-50).

So my question to you is why would the devil still be roaring around like a Lion? (I Peter 5:8) in advancing his agenda when he knows that each time he has taken on the sovereign plan of almighty God he has been defeated? The answer is simple. He is not looking to win anymore. Instead his aim is to corrupt humanity as much as possible so that he can drag as many millions and billions of human souls to hell so that they suffer eternal torment along with him and his fallen angels. It's his only objective.

A fascinating publication soon to be launched in 2 weeks time, lifts the veil in understanding why do demons and fallen angels work with so much conviction knowing that their time will be up at the Battle of Armageddon. Even then, they will attempt to make one last ditch attempt to oppose Christ by using the technological and military might of the worlds armies to try and oppose his descent to the Mount of Olives risking the decimation of Israel in the process.

The publication "Demons" by the credible Michael Heiser, debunks popular presuppositions about the very real powers of darkness. Rather than traditions, stories, speculations, or myths, Demons is grounded in what ancient people of both the Old and New Testament eras believed about evil spiritual forces and in what the Bible actually says. It will provide better clarity as to what we are facing today in terms of the roots behind social unrest and conflict so you never forget the deeper, underlining, motive.



Whilst it is the objective of the forces of darkness to plot and manipulate events to spread terror, fear and strife amongst the population we know that in the context of John 3:16 that "All Lives Matter".

"For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. ... For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Whether one is Caucasian, Hispanic, Black or Asian we are all created in the image of God equally and fairly. Whilst it is a plot of the enemy to use credible black political justice to sow division, resentment and stir up polarizing forces amongst the population, it is the corrective lens of John 3:16 which needs to framed over the fight for equality and justice lest we succumb to unhealthy responses that sow even more division.

Coronavirus Aftermath: The Manipulation is a new disclosure project which reveals the fact that you are being manipulated by events as we head out of the period of lockdown. The new post covid-19 world and the death of George Floyd and the thrust of the Black Lives Matter movements into our homes, social media discussions and schools are all being cleverly manipulated. And in addition to this, social media apps and tools that are being developed for you to monitor covid-19 symptoms such as contact tracing are all government projects to begin the largest aggregation of personal data in global history.

Divide and Conquer?

Black Lives do matter, 100%, but do so does every life. So why is it that even the mention of "All Lives Matter" is now looked down on as actually being "racist"?

What on earth is going in our society right now? Has the cause for social justice been hijacked by a deeper agenda?, one that seeks to divide and conquer. One in which a political prism is not going to provide an ultimate understanding of the manipulation.

Do you sense intelligence design behind everything that is going on or do you just go along thinking and accepting that we are simply witnessing the natural ups and downs of human progression? Maybe "Coronavirus Aftermath: The Manipulation" will provide the clarity needed about what is actually happening right now in a world gone mad!

Come with us on an 8 hour journey of stunning insights and major visual illustrations across 4 powerful online video documentaries, as we explore the most pressing questions from a conspiratorial and biblical perspective and make sense of both the observable and non observable elements of what is happening right now within this present period of grave manipulation.


Black lives do matter but there is a difference between recognizing the political injustices and fighting for change as opposed to associating the with Black Lives Matter movement, which at it's core has an agenda that seeks to undermine the very concept of what it means to be a family. In this video documentary we go beneath the surface, behind all the mainstream hype about the black lives matter revolution to truly understand the people behind this movement and what they seek to achieve. We also listen to some of the black people who have experienced a significant backlash from their own communities for recognising and speaking out about the shady aspects of the Black Lives Matter agenda. The power of Black Lives Matter movement is such that it has seemingly and whole handily, acquired symbolic statements of "taking a knee" or "I can't breathe" and has worked its way even into primary and kindergarten schools who are educating their kids about the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a powerful but controversial video and no doubt will have it's critics but the presentation of the facts will allow you to make up your own mind as to whether or not this movement is a force for good in the greater context.


George Soros has recently been connected with the Black Lives Matter movement and whilst the jury is still open on this what we do know is that his Open Society Foundation is doing more than any other organization to propel the transgender movement and its ideology into the educational system. Evidence shows that as a billionaire (who almost brought the UK government into bankruptcy) his philanthropy speaks, and he has used his incredible wealth to  strike deals with major corporations who now channel his transgender ideologies into the public mainstream using their massive reach. In this video we explore a man who is seen as public enemy number one by many within the patriot truth movement. If all roads lead to Bill Gates as far as the global pandemic is concerned then could the racial revolution of the last 4 weeks be a prime opportunity for Soros to use to his advantage as the man using the strength of his position, to force through his attack against Christian/Judeo principles.


Life is returning back to a sense of normality in many countries as the death rates for covid-19 significantly falls on a daily basis. However, the new normal is not the same as the normal that preceded the global outbreak. With the ongoing implementation of social distancing measures many companies are facing bankruptcy or tough times ahead as they struggle to reach the levels of revenues they had before. Living life in this new straight jacket will only increase the desire for a vaccine to arrive and provide the salvation that will help the world to return back to the "old normal" that it previously enjoyed. In this video we explore and examine the measures that are now being put in place which impact and impinge upon all aspects of society and why the coming of immunity passports may be not as far fetched as previously thought. It is a scary world right now and it is the fear of the population which fuels the motives of the powers that be.


With many countries now moving out of lockdown, policies and actions are now being put in place by various governments for contact tracing to be implemented as a means to tackling future outbreaks of covid-19 and a potential second wave of infection. But do we truly understand what contact tracing is and the nature of Google and Apple's involvement in rolling out the technology? As this technology takes hold will it be used as a mechanism to weed out those people who refuse to go to hospitals for fear that they might not come back out again? will it be used to weed out dissenters and those speaking out against forced vaccinations and digital markers? Could the concept of incentivizing users to provide the personal details of others be a game changer in drawing billions of people into a technological net? In this video we come face to face with these pivotal questions and take on our deepest fears and convictions about what is truly at stake.

The 4 online video documentaries above are monumental insights but we also believe that additional research material will only serve to help you further in your quest for truth. That is why we have assembled below a tremendous collection of informative insights which will blow you away. The 5 electronic publications below will be an incredible addition to your virtual library and fully complement the video documentaries above. See two chosen reviews below.


This book is a timely disclosure of insider information about China, the virus, and the ever-increasing stakes of the upcoming election. It will answer the question for the Christian believers (and seekers) of where God is in all this? It provides a little known prophecy by the late David Wilkerson about a plague coming that would shut down the government as well as churches and bars, including shaking New York City as it’s never been shaken. Wilkerson said this plague would force believers into radical prayer that will spark an awakening--something echoed by Christian leaders and prophets.

Just as the economy was booming and Donald Trump was fixing long-term problems and beating back attacks from his opponents, a brand-new virus shakes up everything including the outcome of this election. The author has inside information about what happened in China early in the pandemic and what went wrong. He even documents how Donald Trump has led the nation in this time of crisis.


In light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the unsavoury aspects of its charter and founders, the book, Discerning Ethics is a monumental and timely insight into the Christian debate regarding the transgender revolution. Considering that one of the authors Hak, Jon Lee was previously a homosexual who was diagnosed with HIV, who then did time in Prison for the possession of drugs, he was originally identified as someone who was beyond the power of saving grace. Yet decades later he is a born again Christian who in his coming to Christ has turned his life around, rejecting the power of homosexuality and is now a reputable Christian teacher in the arena of how Christianity can deal with the contemporary issues of our age such as racism, ethnic warfare, the transgender movement and many of the issues we are presently seeing in our society.

The complimentary bonuses below are relevant, current and contemporary additions which address some of the key questions about the contemporary issues we are dealing with. We know that criticism will come from some quarters that by us focusing on the LGBT aspect of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are tip toeing around the very real issue of racial equality and systemic racism.

So we believe there is no better contemporary bonus than to see what the bible has to say about racism. These publications below will provide a definitive insight into this volatile topic and will provide iron clad conclusions that will be appreciated by people believers of all races.  Regardless of the rawness of what has transpired over recent times, one fact remains. Our physical body is simply a temporary house for who we really are, a soul. And a soul is a metaphysical reality without color.


Written by a Southern-Baptist pastor from Birmingham, Alabama, USA - the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement, The Bible and Racism examines what the Bible really has to say about racism. Does the Bible actually justify racism? (No!) Does the Bible justify race-based slavery? (Not at all!) Does the Bible advocate for the segregation of races on Sunday mornings (Quite the opposite!) Does the Bible justify servanthood and bond-servants?

This book covers comprehensively every major issue of race and gives a plain-sense answer from the Word of God. You will learn how Confederate pastors twisted Scripture to justify their abhorrent and unbiblical theology. You will see how pastors and government leaders during the 1950s-1970s sought to explain their segregationist policies by abusing the clear teachings of Scripture. Ultimately, you will see that God created all humans (no matter their ethnicity, skin color, nor nationality) in His Image. You will see that Jesus prayed for His followers (Red, Yellow, Black and White) to all be unified and together in the deepest way possible. Finally, you will see that the church in Heaven is made up of every ethnicity, skin color and nationality all worshiping on level ground together, shoulder to shoulder, and you will come to understand that Jesus has called His church on earth to reflect the reality of the unified church in Heaven!


Racism is a sin issue, not a skin issue. The consequences of racism on a personal and social level are appalling and in some situations even terrifying. Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, and Charles Ware address the horrors of racial discrimination with biblical truth and scientific proof that God created only one race. Racism is a result of sin in a fallen world infused with evolutionary thinking which then led to the development of theories found in Mormonism and white supremacist groups that black people are cursed as a result of descending from Canaan and Ham. Explore the origin of people groups around the world and the science of genetics, melanin, and skin tone, all affected by the history of the Tower of Babel.

In One Race One Blood, Ken Ham and Charles Ware challenge the Church to move beyond the division of Darwinian “race” relations to the unity of grace relations. Loving relationships united by the Cross and governed by the Bible will lead to reconciliation. Such relationships among Christians across cultural and ethnic backgrounds are like a neon sign publicizing that grace has transformed and identified us as followers of Christ. Christian families and churches will find solid, biblical answers to combat the hatred fueling personal prejudices and race-related riots. This essential book will inspire the hearts of believers to overcome evil with good and make the 21st century a generation of reconciliation.

It's very simple.

Now you can get your hands on what is again another potent and powerful collection of insights in regards to some of the most extraordinary aspects of issues related to "The Manipulation" and how it's development is unfolding today.

We will give you full access to the "Coronavirus Aftermath - The Manipulation" collection.

Powerful online video documentaries including the likes of Black Lives Matter: Agenda Hijack, George Soros: Dr Evil, Life After Covid-19 and Contact Tracing: The Great Seduction.


Electronic Publications including the likes of Corona Crisis, God Trump and Covid-19, Discerning Ethics, Apollyon: The Spirit of Homosexuality and Masquerade.


Bonus survival electronic publications of The Bible and Racism and One Race, One Blood.

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