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We are a one of a kind ministry that produces special reports into bible prophecy and the Orwellian new world order agenda with our work being featured with the likes of Newsmax and WorldnetDaily

In addition to the reports above we also publish bespoke video documentaries called "Disclosure Focus". These documentaries you will not find anywhere else and are at the cutting edge of exposing the Antichrist new world order agenda around us. See the below for an an example of some of the disclosures launched this year.

We have launched a brand new project called "The Global Watch Disclosures Program" which will be a collection of some of the best reading, listening and watching material on bible prophecy and the end times.
However, we wanted to know if you could simply just check out out what we have done so far and let us know what you think. It's very simple.
The project is made up of 9 categories as seen below

Simply access the Beta version of the Global Watch Disclosures program by clicking here

For any queries please contact us at İRema Marketing 2009-2020