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Which Enoch?

Enoch was one of two men to have lived on his earth and never experienced death. The Book of Enoch as well as the references to Enoch in the new testament provide a vivid insight into incredible insights that God provided to . Yet throughout the years we have also heard about a concept called Enochian Magic. On further review we see that Enochian Magic is a form of angelic language which was recorded in the private journals of Jack Dee. It is claimed this was a revival of the original language that God used to speak to Adam before the fall and the only person who also spoke this language was Enoch.

Since Jack Dee was referring to the same Enoch of the Bible an examination is required to address whether there is much more to Enoch than Christian literature has told us, or whether Enochian Magic had nothing to do with Enoch and is a demonic activity that seeks to cloak itself under the banner of an antediluvian patriarch.



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